IT Works!

Jon asked me why it was a such a quiet morning, then ten members suddenly filed in. My Assistant Coach and I, seamlessly greeted and set up every member. The typical trainer / member negotiation was by necessity, a bit quicker than usual, but no less packed with an exchange of valuable information, resulting in the best possible workout for the day. 

Once members get past our initial Intro Course, they become eligible for Squad Training, which is show-up-any-time, no-appointment, personalized training. It is also exclusive AKC Fitness Affiliate programming, and what makes it possible as a lone trainer, to personally handle a dozen stations, with everybody doing something completely different. At AKC Fitness Long Island, we're pioneering this new system known as Squad Training, and by the sheer volume of our membership, I can tell you it works. Thanks to Valery Fedorenko and the Fedorenko Method, my coaches and I can handle a remarkably high volume, while delivering personalized attention and coaching to every member.

Because of the Rolodex of cutting-edge information known as the Fedorenko Method, an experienced, properly trained, AKC Coach or Trainer can manage multiple members simultaneously, saving astronomical personal training fees, as well as out of control payroll costs. For one flat monthly fee, competent, effective coaching and training, with unlimited programming advice and record keeping, is all available every time you walk in.  And this exclusive service is be provided with only one or two coaches working the gym floor, while members experience stellar results in health, fitness, performance, and weight loss.

At AKC Fitness LI, we typically have one to three trainers on duty. This provides ample coaching and personalized attention for each and every member, with full program customization. For more information on AKC Fitness Long Island, the first AKC Affiliate Gymnasium, please [CLICK HERE]