Hey Mike... I only have 27 minutes!

This is the AKC Fitness LI member spotlight on Erin S. Erin is a thirty-something mom, attorney, and now kettlebell lifter. With a background in gymnastics and ballet, she knows how to move well and work hard. But what Erin has accomplished in four months at an average of 30 minutes per session, is truly remarkable. But when pressed for time, the kettlebell is up to the task.

Erin's strength allowed her to generate intensity, and achieve real results. She quickly caught the "Kettlebell Bug", where she looks forward to pushing the envelope each week, each workout. Erin cycled her way through the bells, starting at 12 kilograms (26 pounds), working traditionally, pushing minutes per hand and overall length of Jerk and Snatch sets. She eventually made her way to 16 kilograms in Jerk, and she performed an impressive single switch set at 100 reps. Her current personal record also includes a 6-minute Jerk set with 20 kilograms (44 pounds) at 42 reps (one switch).  At 5'5" and 128 lbs that's an incredible accomplishment in a few short months.  Her snatching is not quite as advanced as her Jerk sets, but it's the current focus of our training.

But the most amazing aspect of Erin's story is her busy schedule and need to get in and out of the gym fast, rushing off to a business meeting, or to pick up one of her kids at school.  Erin expects the full benefits of an all-encompassing workout plan, but is not satisfied with taking shortcuts. AKC Fitness LI works for her. I'll include Erin's recent testimonial in her own words.
I am a mother of 2, and in my mid-thirties. I am also a lawyer with a hectic schedule and no time to waste in a gym. I want results, and a trainer who respects my time. I found this with Mike Stefano's kettlebell gym. Mike and his wife, Kim, have created a nice, healthy and challenging environment for those willing to take fitness to the next level. Prior to coming to AKC Fitness LI, I was doing the traditional workout with weights and cardio, not seeing real results. I often felt muscle strains and fatigue from countless reps. Now that I am doing kettlebells, I have lost weight, toned parts of my body never previously toned and have remained injury-free. For a fraction of the price of personal training sessions, I am finally getting the body I wanted and feeling healthy and happy along the way.
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