Making Inroads

I occasionally get frustrated. I feel much like a child who's got a secret and can't wait to tell. I KNOW what effect the Fedorenko Method™ has on the human body. I've seen it first hand, many times. I opened AKC Fitness Long Island, as the first WKC Fitness Affiliate, because I want to shout what I know from the roof tops. A lot of people will ultimately get our message. It's inevitable because it works. But for now, we're building a foundation of lifters around the world who are getting big time results and telling their friends about it.

Consider this, the timed sets of kettlebells can build android levels of strength, speed and stamina. This extreme capacity for work translates into remarkable, verifiable improvement in many, many things, including your ability to:
Burn fat, lift heavy weight, develop extreme cardiorespiratory endurance, build off the chart muscular endurance and explosive power, with split-second timing.
For Example
After five weeks on the Fedorenko Method™, Jon performed a 20-minute set with 53 pounds. At 18 years old this is an enormous feat. Jon, a wrestler in high school, is not stranger to hard work, but the Fedorenko Method™ is allowing him to hone his natural abilities to otherwise unreachable levels.

Julie, busy Mom, is all of five-feet-two. In addition to losing 32 pounds and looking spectacular, Julie can do 10 minutes sets with a 26 pound kettlebell with only one hand switch and never setting the bell down. That's five minutes per hand! And that's only a small part of her hard core workout that typically includes a 4 minute, one switch Jerk set with 35 pounds.

Of course there's Tom who's lost over twenty pounds in two months with zero diet change... all with kettlebells. Tom works hard, training daily, performing long sets, perfecting his technique. He's now able to do pull ups for the first time in years, and nagging shoulder pain has all but disappeared. 

John and Erin both plan to compete soon, working hard toward rank. John recently completed his first ten-minute, two-arm Long Cycle set, and demonstrates true potential as a competitive lifter. At four months, Erin can work with 44 pounds for six minutes, switching hands but one time. The couple makes a very impressive team.

Many members have lost weight since our opening in February of this year. More have experienced verifiable changes in strength, endurance, speed, breath, and resiliency. Joint health, mobility, and flexibility are all fringe benefits that are just part of kettlebells. But kettlebells work at many levels, taking people from fat to fit, from fit to super fit, and from super fit to super man (or woman). 

People are talking. At this point in the evolution of kettlebells in America, there's no turning back -- it has a life of its own. I know first hand that the following  50 kettlebell lifters have all have utilized the Fedorenko Method, experienced very positive results and are telling others about it. I know this because I trained each one over the last year, and most are current members of AKC Fitness LI. That's not to mention the thousands of others I've reached online, at workshops and demo lessons, as well as the 80 or so trainers from around the country I've licensed as World Kettlebell Club trainers, who are out there training others.

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