Mr. G Feels Good While Dropping 20 lbs.

Tom G. is a contractor who owns his own construction company, and surely  no stranger to hard work. As a boater and scuba instructor, Tom works hard and plays even harder. The desire to exercise and stay in shape is there, but he's always been held back by nagging shoulder pain. This has limited him to traditional cardio and whatever exercise he gets on the job.

Initially Tom had one major concern when he first walked through the door at AKC Fitness LI for his free intro lesson; "Would kettlebell lifting aggravate my preexisting injuries?"

During his intro lesson, I explained to Tom that the goal of most kettlebell exercises is to move the bell with the entire body, as efficiently as possible. No isolation or unnecessary tension applied. The body eventually begins to move as a unit, with explosive fluidity. When performed correctly, moves like the Jerk and Snatch build strong, healthy joints with a full range of motion.

While most don't turn to exercise solely to improve joint and connective tissue health,  joint pain is responsible for the cessation of most programs. If your back, shoulder, or knee gives out, you're done. I offered no guarantees, as all exercise requires a healthy body and doctor's approval before getting started, but I impressed upon Tom that kettlebells can get you super fit without injury.

Tom proved to be the model member, training five or six days per week. He had good cardiovascular endurance and work capacity to start with, but within a few weeks he was performing some hard core, high volume kettlebell workouts, sticking exactly to coach's recommendation every session. He works hard perfecting technique, and I'm proud to say has dropped 20 pounds in the process.

However, the most amazing part about Tom's progression is how good he feels. You can routinely hear Mr. G in the gym and literally announcing to everyone how great his body feels on kettlebells. His nagging shoulder pain has disappeared, and he routinely works 8 hours at his construction company, and comes straight to the gym for an hour long butt-kicking kettlebell workout, spending lots of time under the bell. At a recent trip to his physician for a check up, Tom's blood pressure and resting pulse rate were down, as well as his serum lipid levels. Kettlebells proved to be the feel-good workout for Mr. G.

Tom was so impressed with his new found fitness passion, that he brought along both his wife Geri, and coworker Nick, who are also members at AKC Fitness LI, and may be the subject of future profile articles. Nice work Mr. G and company!
Tom G. runs a successful contracting business on Long Island. For all types of residential and commercial remodeling, he can be reached at (516) 541-3691