Just do the Work

I originally considered, "Just Shut Up  and Lift", as the title for this article, but Patty never complains. This is not an account of any one particular performance or extreme set, but rather the unwavering work ethic of one of hardest working, classiest woman I've ever had the pleasure to coach - Patty O. Dedication, discipline, consistency, hard work, and trust in the Fedorenko Method is what gives Patty her results and what this article is all about.

Patty is not the typical lazy American. Showing up at AKC Fitness LI by 7AM every morning, she almost NEVER misses a training session. Her exercise history (and other passion) is cycling, which has prepared her somewhat for the intensity and mental fortitude of kettlebells. But resistance or strength training background was minimal. Putting an 18 pound steel ball over her head 120 times without ever setting the bell down, wasn't something that Patty ever thought possible. By the way, she now works almost exclusively with 12kg (26 lbs).

Patty's training takes many forms. On occasion, she'll perform longer, multi-hand switch kettlebell sets, as well as shorter, heavier one-switch work. Patty can swing, clean, jerk, snatch, and long cycle like a trooper. Her technique is some of the best example of solid lifting in the gym. 

After her grueling kettlebell sets (albeit quick), Patty spends another 20 minutes or so on a graded Step Mill or performing some Gravity or Suspension training, which functions as assistance work for her true passion - kettlebell lifting. In addition to her unwavering dedication, her refreshing coach-ability makes her a true pleasure to work with. As a kettlebell coach and trainer I use the term compliant-client to describe a member who embraces their training, and get results like Patty. 

Patty is also a member of AKC Fitness LI's Kettle Belles, a dedicated group of kettlebell training lovely ladies, our fastest growing group of lifters. Way to go Patty!