My Role as the First AKC Fitness Affiliate

I know my job. After six months of making AKC Fitness LI a success it's becoming crystal clear what's the most important thing an affiliate owner needs to accomplish. Sure, I'm discovering a few diamonds in the rough, athletes who stand out in the crowd, but mostly there's just the crowd. 

Long Island is populated with roughly three million people, that's not to mention the eight million New Yorker's right next door. Our gym is located on an east / west drag that virtually connects New York City to Montauk Point, so there's no shortage of traffic and almost continuous exposure to thousands. People who never heard of kettlebells are drawn in because of our sign and window frontage. They have no idea what a kettlebell is, never mind how to lift. To them, Valery Fedorenko is not a household word. Nyet.   

So why do they believe, join, and get results? Because I've gotten good at my job. When push comes to shove, it's a matter of getting the information across quickly, before they lose enthusiasm. I've developed a multi-level approach that allows new members to progress at their own pace, what's right for them and their very specific goals. This is what an AKC affiliate needs to master, how to deliver good technique and all the associated results, to each and every new member, but satisfy their immediate needs. 

Of course it's not possible to attain 100 percent compliance. But our goal should always be to make the best possible service available to our loyal membership base, new members, as well as future potential members.

My AKC Fitness Affiliate Promise
I will...
  • Demonstrate proficient Fedorenko Method™ technique
  • Provide a safe environment where members can progress at their own pace
  • Provide members with continuous technique training and programming
  • Deliver results based on member's goals 
  • I will provide this service for a reasonable fee