A Road Map to Kettlebell Success

If you're interested in kettlebells, this article could save you a tremendous amount of time, effort, and potential injury. While a kettlebell is nothing more than a steel ball with handle, the Fedorenko Method™ of Kettlebell Lifting is a highly evolved, sophisticated training system that has only been released within the last few years in this country.  World Champion Kettlebell Lifter and AKC Head Coach, Valery Fedorenko, began the release of his start-of-the-art program, when he formed the American Kettlebell Club in 2007.

The first and best thing you must do to learn how to maximize the results that can be achieved with kettlebell lifting, is to seek out a qualified AKC Coach or Trainer. The article could end right there, and you'd have the most important message, but we'll elaborate with a full Kettlebell Road Map to Success. Many points may seem to be warnings, but don't think of this as a negative message, but rather a bevvy of good choices or road map, where the best choice is sometimes difficult to distinguish.

  1. Seek out a qualified AKC Coach who practices the Fedorenko Method™ of Kettlebell Lifting 
  2. Cycle through the kettlebells, working with light weight for as long as necessary
  3. Never get greedy by going too heavy, too long, too fast, all can hurt you
  4. Never proceed beyond where good technique will take you
  5. Have patience, come back another day
  6. You don't have to set a personal record, or even near max, every day
  7. Learn to Jerk and Snatch before you work exclusively with Long Cycle
  8. Don't underestimate the intensity and value of the Swing, Clean, and Push Press
  9. Pay attention to every pain, discomfort and make an educated evaluation
  10. Know when to push past pain, and when it's not right to do so
  11. Get good rest and recovery, eat well, drink less
  12. Focus, focus, focus, it's all about the mind