3 Kettlebell Training Tricks

That Promise to Improve Your Lifting

Trick is a sort of misleading word. I apologize for luring you into this blog with it. I would rather refer to these informational tidbits as ongoing technique improvements, but less people would read the non-hypey rant, and in the end, not get the information. So hypey title and all, the information is sound, and each point is not really at trick, but an ongoing (always improving) tweak. 

None of the three points are fixed during a single session, but rather worked on over time. Patience is the key to perfection.

1. Find Your Rest  Everywhere You Can
2. Move More Explosively

3. Make Every Rep a Mini Set

Find Your Rest Everywhere You Can
Literally rest WHENEVER you're not actually lifting the kettlebell. To take the concept a step further, rest whenever the force generation segment of each rep is over. Rest, explosively lift the bell, rest again. The obvious static rest positions are the lockout and rack, but think about the eccentric phase of each repetition as a free fall. Gravity will do ALL the work. The drop from lockout to rack, or to the floor (as in snatch) is an even bigger chance to ride the bell down and rest. Once gravity takes over, it's time for you to rest.

Move More Explosively
Regardless of your current level of technique, focus on moving with crisp explosiveness, versus over-contracted muscle. Think of throwing a punch rather than performing a bench press. Compare jumping to squatting, and you'll get the idea. Kettlebell lifting takes full advantage of the Contract-Relax principle, allowing greater force to be generated from an originally relaxed muscle.

Make Every Rep a Mini Set
You may never be world champion,, but if you don't put your full mental focus into every rep, every set, and every workout, this sport may not be for you. It takes mental and physical focus, as well as extreme fortitude of will to stay in a ten minute set that gets uncomfortable in the second or third minute. Remember, it's one perfect rep at a time, each rep its own mini-set. 

At AKC Fitness LI we tweak, than re-tweak. and tweak again. We are literally an ongoing learning establishment, a Kettlebell Gymnasium if you will, where technique improvement, and your results are our main objective.