Kettlebell Wellness

Wellness. Now there's a word that's gets thrown around the fitness industry quite a bit.

DEFINITION: Wellness (noun): the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal

Most people exercise to look good, perform better, or lose weight. But when your approach to exercise focuses mainly on feeling better, you begin to define a wellness program. Performance athletes are willing to pay any price to win. Sometimes health and wellness takes a back seat to victory. But does have to be the case for you? Below are five simple steps you can take put some wellness into your workout. 


1. Learn Proper Technique
Find a kettlebell trainer or coach that understand the lifts and can demonstrate them to you. Make sure the finer points of technique stay in the forefront of your mind during every set. Keep weight light until you can gain enough confidence as well as proficiency. Kettlebell Lifting teaches the body to move as one fluid unit, with very little strain on joints or connective tissue - if performed correctly. If technique is flawed, the body will suffer.

2. Don't Push the Process
Don't fall into the impatience trap. Lack of patience and expecting too much too soon is probably the single biggest cause of injury in the gym. You can't do tomorrow's workout today. Little by little the body rebuilds, repairs, gets stronger, and comes back tomorrow to do it again. NEVER get greedy. 

3. Reduce Intensity
You're in control of the progression and intensity of your training, whether it be kettlebell lifting or running / walking. Every set, workout does not have to be at full throttle.  Simply limit intensity, especially initially, to keep things on a wellness level.  Leave some gas in the tank at the end of the set. This can be accomplished by limiting weight lifted, slowing down to a more manageable rep pace, switching hands more often, or reducing the length of the set. 

4. Ensure Adequate Rest / Recovery 
Eating right, getting enough sleep, limiting alcohol intake, all add up to a more resilient, well rested, strong and health body. When kettlebell lifting you must respect the intense systemic effect and caloric demand on your entire being, and give the body all the rest and nutrients it needs, whatever that specifically means for you.

5. Warm Up Before and Cool Down/Stretch Out After Every Workout
Warming up the back and shoulders is important when kettlebell lifting. Post workout stretches should also be performed. Look for a simple cool down / stretch out routine in an upcoming article.

All exercise has potential danger. See your doctor before performing any new exercise