Firefighter Fitness 2011

Volunteer firefighters across the country sacrifice life and limb for little more than a simple thank you. I’d like to change all that and give back to the Fire Departments on Long Island.  

With more than two decades of experience training firefighters, I’ve opened a firefighter and kettlebell fitness center on Merrick Road in Seaford. 20 years of training directly with first responders has taught me a lot, allowing me to take the concept of functional fitness to another level.  Myself, and my team of firefighter fitness trainers, know what it takes to make a real difference on the fireground. And we want to share that information with the brave volunteer firefighters in my home town, and all of Long Island.  

As firefighters, we have a unique understanding of what it takes, and know how to recreate the specific type of exertion level encountered at fire operations, but safely, progressively, allowing  gradual, healthy, acclimation. Utilizing multiple modalities from my STS™ programming, to kettlebell lifting, to yoga, we put the emphasis on performance and health, while looking better, toning up, and losing weight, are just a really cool side effect.  
It's All About Work Capacity  

Our brand of training not only builds real strength and endurance, but efficiency of movement and the elusive quality of work capacity. We’ve all been there. Working our tail off at a local house fire,  arms and legs feel like lead weights, lungs on fire, and you feel like your gonna pass out! The ability to keep going, keep performing, and not just on pure adrenalin, is what will protect you from minor, as well as severe injury, and worse.   So how do you build the elusive quality of “work capacity”?  We figured it out for you! Our wide variety of functional, firefighter-specific programs is the result of decades of experience. Below is a short list of some of our most popular programs.
  • First Responder Kettlebell Protocol
  • STS (sequenced timed sets) 
  • Sledge / Rope Drills
  • Academy Prep 
  • Vested Stepmill Training
  • Weight Loss Training
  • Tabata Interval Training
  • CPAT Prep Programming

Issues that Face Every Firefighter
When it comes to sticking to an exercise program, most firefighters deal with the same obstacles that face the average Jane or Joe. Not enough time, money, little if any direction, a host of annoying injuries, all hamper any fitness efforts you might make.  Let’s deal with one issue at a time.
·         Time: Our workouts are fast and efficient, taking as little as 15 to 20 minutes
·         Money: We  offer a block-discount membership to all departments on Long Island
·         Direction: You train directly with a firefighter fitness professional every workout
·         Injury: We specialize in building cardiovascular health, as well as joint mobility

Block-Discount Membership to all LI Departments!
At AKC Fitness LI, here’s how our system workouts. All training is membership based, but always supervised. Initially, new members are put through an introductory course. Once past the intro course, members are enrolled in Squad Training. Members may come in any time, consult with the coaches on duty, have their workout customized and recorded. Coaches are always working the floor, and sometimes outnumber the members. What allows this system to work is the depth of knowledge and experience that comes with all of our programming, which all our coaches possess. 
Discount Block Pricing is Up to Half Off Regular Pricing. Contact AKC Fitness LI for more details, programs, packages. 516.495.9348 /

Every firefighter will get hands on training, every workout, directly from a firefighter fitness expert. No wasted time, effort, and needless injuries to slow you down, all at one flat price. Come in, get the job done, get out! Safe, efficient, firefighter-specific health, fitness, and wellness training is what we’re all about. 

10 Reasons to Join AKC Fitness LI

Build StrengthEndurance 
Unlike traditional weight lifting, our training provides strength that endures, not useless one-rep max bulk. Our approach builds true work capacity, what’s needed most on the fireground. 

Skinny-Strong Weight Loss
Many firefighters need to lose weight as priority one. We understand that fact and address the issue immediately with high volume weight loss training that works. 

Convenient Location / Workouts
Come in any time without an appointment. Our coaches are on duty and ready to work with you every session. We're located right on Merrick road, two blocks west of rt. 135.

Experience Level of Coaches
Mike is the author of The Firefighter’s Workout Book, his staff consists of highly trained coaches, who are also volunteer firefighters or FDNY. 

Our brand of functional fitness training is safe and effective, accomplishing multiple goals at one time. If necessary, you can get in and out of the gym in 30 minutes or less.

Firefighter-Specific Training Protocols
Our workouts simulate fire operations, but safely, gradually, allowing your entire body, including your cardiovascular system, to gradually acclimate to high stress levels.

Safety Priority One 
Many firefighter injuries originate in the gym. Our training is all about high level technique, using light weight for high repetitions, generating intensity without risk of injury. 

Inexpensive Membership 
Personal training can cost as much as a hundred dollars an hour. Our revolutionary system can cost as little as $2 per workout. We provide firefighter specific training, at a fraction of the cost. 

Camraderie, Network with Other Firefighters 
Come workout in an environment you feel comfortable in, surrounded by other firefighters, in a gym that focuses on firefighter-specific training. The only gym of it’s kind!

Challenging, Friendly Competition Provides Motivation
Many of our firefighter members love the challenge of our training, and we hold in house competitions that are open to all members. The competition factor provides motivation! 

Isn’t It Time to Act?
Let’s get the troops out of the back room and into the gym.  Be proactive and set up a consultation with Mike and his staff of firefighter fitness professionals. We can come to your firehouse, give a brief demo on what we do, showing you the results we consistently achieve, as well as answer any questions you might have about our program.  

Cost effective, firefighter specific training, is what we specialize in at AKC Fitness LI.  Mike’s 22 years as a firefighter with the FDNY, as well as his extensive background in functionally based fitness, give him a unique perspective, and has allowed his programming to evolve into the most effective firefighter training on the planet.  Once you experience the results of Mike’s First Responder Kettlebell Program, it’s hard to go back to doing anything else.