StrongSport Comes to AKC Fitness LI

On December 11 2010, history will be made when the first ever stand alone, WKC StrongSport Competition will be held at AKC Fitness LI. I'm proud to welcome Coach Fedorenko as he hosts this exciting event.

StrongSport features two events, the Biathlon (Jerk / Clean), as well as the Long Cycle. All sets are four minutes with one hand switch. There are no weight classes, just bell divisions. For men the lightest bell division is 32kg, for women, 20kg.

To compete, the lifter must rank with one bell lighter at an average of 12 reps per minute for the entire four minutes (24 reps per hand) in Jerk and Clean. To rank in Long Cycle, the lifter must average 8 reps per minute (16 reps per hand) for four minutes.

StrongSport features all one arm work, and hand switches at two minutes. It's a break from the long duration ten minute traditional sport sets, and always proves to be a very exciting event. Anyone in the New York City or Long Island area who wishes to compete, or just attend, please go to: register to attend