A Team is Born / the Vegas Classic

John and Erin are two exceptional people who are slowly but surely transforming into exceptional kettlebell lifters. I see the transformation process happening right before my eyes. I know because I've seen it before. The final ingredient, first hand exposure to what's possible (versus reading about it or watching on YouTube), was added this weekend. Both athletes performed remarkably well as they nobly represented AKC Fitness Long Island for the first time. Putting on stellar performances, our dynamic duo are now inspiring many other members to take the challenge and join our kettlebell lifting team.

We all learned a few valuable lessons in Vegas, both on the platform and off.  In a previous article, I highlighted Erin's time-crunch as the main focus of the story. The month prior to competition was particularly difficult between parenting and business travel. Even so, both lifters put on solid performances with just about six months of training. John, working in the 16 kilogram division completed 86 Jerks and 150 snatches (75 per hand) and seemed to barely break a sweat. Erin, also working with a single 16 kilogram kettlebell, did an impressive 55 Jerks per hand, as well as 40 / 25 Snatches. 

I'd also like to extend a special congratulations to Lorna Kleidman on achieving master of sport world class - a truly amazing performance, as we've come to expect. And as always, the Ice Chamber team is more than impressive (you make my job easy as a judge).  Congratulations to every lifter who had the drive and mental fortitude to get up on the platform. Nice job AKC and Moses Dungca for putting on such a great event.


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