Kettlebell Fitness, a Year in Review

I can now look back upon this landmark year and reflect on the remarkable things I've seen. Every member who has put forth even a minimal effort and applied the principles of kettlebell lifting as instructed at AKC Fitness LI, got tangible results. That's a powerful, but absolutely true statement.

At AKC Fitness LI, we've perfected the art of Principle Application with high level kettlebell lifting, in every imaginable situation. The progression is never the same from member to member. The exercises and protocols change, but what makes it work so well is continuous personalization. 

Every member, every session is designed by a highly qualified kettlebell coach, on the spot, at point of workout. While there is always a long term plan that satisfies long term goals, the daily refinement is the key to pushing just hard enough.  Your coach makes sure you get the best session possible.

Over the past year, we've developed and refined this progressive system to deliver high level service at one flat rate versus a per session charge. Every day the system is applied literally dozens of times, allowing us to hone our craft even further. Members are not locked into any specific times or classes - our policy is just show up any time. This added flexibility in scheduling promotes greater program adherence, adding up to more weekly workouts.

Come in for a free trial, speak with our membership, find out what the buzz is about. Kettlebell lifting, the way it's approached at AKC Fitness LI, can provide you with all the health, fitness, weight loss, strength and conditioning you'll ever need, in a compact, personalized session. Your workouts are customized and designed to fulfill YOUR goals.

Never wander aimlessly around the gym wondering what to do. Show up any time and be greeted by a qualified coach or trainer, who will put you through the most appropriate workout for you, for that specific day. That spells big results without the big price tag.