Kettlebells Have Landed in America

It's a bird, it's a plane, no... it's a Kettlebell!

Kettlebells, popular in Eastern Europe for decades (some say centuries) are popping up everywhere. Kettlebell lifting is built on a solid foundation of sound technique and the development of efficient, explosive movement patterns. This martial art-like approach is absolutely necessary for a top level, lifter who strives to perform at ever-greater levels. This advanced degree of high-level technique has been tweaked and honed many times over, by thousands of champion athletes, during decades of competitive lifting.

The same technique exhibited by world champion kettlebell lifters can be learned, to a degree, by just about any relatively healthy individual. Once mastered, this will translate directly into superior conditioning, lean muscle mass, dramatic weight loss, and the most practical, effective fitness system on the market.

In an article released by WebMD on December 27 2010, "Kettlebells, a Smart Replacement for Dumbbells?” author Lynne Anderson touts the benefits of kettlebell lifting that are worth a mention here.

WebMD: Kettlebells, a Smart Replacement for Dumbbells?

Kettlebells provide quick workout of 30 minutes or less
As a kettlebell coach, I routine get my members in and out in under 30 minutes. I recently wrote and article entitled: “Hey Mike, I Only Have 27 Minutes” Erin’s Story

Kettlebell workouts target all major muscle groups
Every muscle in the upper body, lower body, and core work to put that kettlebell overhead. There is simply no way around it.

Kettlebells increase core stability, a key component of any fitness plan
Legs connect to the upper body via a strong core connection. Kettlebell lifting is dependent upon this tight connection, and endlessy trains just that.

Kettlebells allow you to combine strength and cardio training into one workout
The timed, high rep sets of kettlebell lifting builds real functional strength with a light weight and allows you to train at an elevated heart rate, working the all important heart and lungs. Fat burning is at a premium.

Kettlebells simplify your workout, so you don’t have to use endless machines
When training kettlebells, your body is the machines. When getting started, all you need is one.

Kettlebells save you money, with a little training and one kettlebell at less than $100
All the training you’ll need is found between the pages of this book, coupled with the price of a single kettlebell, is about the cheapest, most practical fitness investment a fitness enthusiast could ever make

Kettlebells are being used by an estimated 100,000 people
I personally think that estimate is low, judging by the numbers of people I’ve personally reached with my Kettlebell Fitness Sytem. The results are there, so it’s only a matter of time before the entire country is addicted to kettlebells.

Many claim kettlebells take weight and inches off faster than any other modality
I’ve seen it first hand dozens of times. First the inches, then the pounds melt off. The mentality seems to be, if you do it right, the results are huge.

The right kettlebell workout imparts zero impact and good for your joints, can easily elevate heart and breathing rate for an extended time, only calls for one bell to get started, builds tremendous flexibility and improves range of motion, burns lots of fat, sculpts and tones, builds timing and coordination, develops mental fortitude, all with one ten inch steel ball. But there is one small step you MUST TAKE before you get to the pot of gold. You have to actually learn how to use it.

Kettlebells have proven their effectiveness over years and years of hard core use. The Russian military, with a reputation of being brutally tough, has been including kettlebells in their training for decades. Many experts feel that kettlebell training is the reason for their toughness.

Kettlebell training is gaining popularity in Hollywood, and that’s typically a sign of things to come. In an article in Winnipeg Free Press, entitled “Saved By the Kettlebell”, the author listed celebrities who’ve incorporated kettlebells into their training. Celebs who lift kettlebells include some of the fittest actors in Hollywood, including Sly Stallone, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew Mconaughey, and Penelope Cruz.

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