Manage Your Holiday Weight Gain

The research on holiday weight gain does not support media claims, but the news isn't all good. Even though most people won't pack on ten pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year, the average adult will consistently gain a pound or two every year. That slow but steady climb is experienced by most adults over age 25, and is typically not reversed when the holidays pass.

For those who are already overweight, the holidays can take a bigger toll. Research suggests a typical obese individual can gain up to five pounds at the hands of holiday  binge-eating. So how can you survive holiday overindulgence? You need a plan...

  • Typically fried and high-fat, high-salt tasty treats are the first assault at any social gathering. Limit yourself to two. Get a taste and stop. They are never as good as you anticipate, and it's really more about nervous, social eating.  If available, snack on the carrot or celery sticks. 
  • Stick with low calorie beverages that will hydrate your body (water or club soda with a twist of lemon). If you must partake, stay away from beer, and sugary mixed drinks. Continue to hydrate yourself, consuming one water for every alcoholic beverage. Never drink alcohol to excess.
  • Eat, taste, enjoy, but STOP WHEN YOU ARE FULL. At a special holiday mealtime, it's okay to fill your plate, but don't eat past the point of full. Eat slowly, paying attention to the signals your body is sending. Holidays are the time to enjoy special dishes, and even a bit of overindulgence, but be mindful of how full you feel. 
  • Don't allow your sleep and recovery to be compromised. Adequate rest is essential, and will give you the energy to get it all done and still feel like going on. The body needs to repair and replenish, especially with all the extra activity.
  • Continue to exercise. You can enjoy holiday celebration, while setting aside a few minutes for yourself. Make sure you get into the gym at least 2 or 3 days per week, even during the peak party season.  Exercise can be reduced if time is tight, but don't allow a momentum shift to halt your progress, and force you to start from scratch. 
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