What is a Kettlebell?

Besides being the best fitness and weight loss tool on the market today, a kettlebell is a simple steel ball (about ten inches in diameter) with a U-shaped handle. Years ago it was used as a unit of measure, or counterweight in open market. The ever-practical Russians decided it would lend itself to another use, high repetition lifts.

Kettlebell Lifting eventually became the national sport of Russia. Highly conditioned athletes competed in rep contests in events such as the Jerk and Snatch. Today, male and female lifters compete in sets that are traditionally done for ten minutes with a Professional Grade Kettlebell.

There is some discrepancy on who brought the first kettlebell to America. Suffice it to say, American Kettlebell Club (AKC) Valery Fedorenko, introduced genuine kettlebell lifting to the United States when he formed the AKC in 2006. Today, kettlebell competitions are held in the United States and around the world .

High rep, timed sets, with martial-art-like efficiency, is the hallmark of genuine kettlebell lifting, but the big question looms, what does all this have to do with the average American?
Besides being the absolute best tool to build android levels of strength, conditioning, and explosive power, when approached at moderate level, it is also the most effective, safe, as well as practical, general fitness and weight loss tool I've ever worked with.
What makes a kettlebell so special? 
A Professional Grade Kettlebell is ergonomically manufactured to fit the contours of the human hand, and body. Like a snowshoe, the fixed size disperses the load onto more of the body allowing a greater transmission of force, as well as more productive structural support and rest. When lifting proficiency is achieved, the kettlebell also minimizes small muscle fatigue (hands, forearms, arms, shoulders), by shifting a greater percentage of the load to the larger muscles of legs and hips.

Kettlebell Lifting encourages the lifter to rest and recover during the set itself, minimizing limitations of the smaller muscles, enabling more reps, and higher level training sessions.

Work Capacity
So why should all that matter to the average accountant who needs to lose a few pounds? Because once a baseline level of lifting technique is achieved with a Professional Grade Kettlebell, general fitness and weight loss is a much easier mission? With some it happens overnight, others may take months, but if you do the work, it works! Every time. It's not any more complicated than that. 

Performance, Fun, Competition
Kettlebell Lifting is an ideal tool to improve performance in almost any sport or physically demanding job. Strength without size, weight loss, endless endurance, and explosive power are attributes needed by a full back, as well as a firefighter. Kettlebell competitions are the icing on the cake that are held around the country, giving the hard working lifter a place to receive accolades for a job well done.

At AKC Fitness LI
We feature goal oriented, membership based kettlebell training combined with several other assistance fitness modalities to round things out. Every workout, every member, our experienced coaches customize the session for the individual. While we incorporate some gravity and suspension training, bosu, physio, medicine ball, cardio machines, as well as yoga postures, kettlebell lifting remains every member's primary focus. 

Most of our local members initially want to lose weight, tone up, get healthier. Some want to prepare for an upcoming event or test. Many get caught up in the lure of competition, using it as the ultimate motivation, and wind up on the competition platform. We've just formed Team KBNY, and I'm proud to say AKC Fitness LI is Team KBNY Headquarters.