Learn to Burn

There seems to be no dispute. Kettlebell lifting burns lots of calories - potentially 1200 calories an hour (according to a recent study). But there's no magic in the kettlebell, but rather in the way you move it. In my experience, after working with hundreds of lifters, I've found the more the lifter can move with the kettlebell, fluidly, efficiently, the more overall benefit can be realized. Benefits such as burning lots of fat, building strength and endurance, getting more flexible, reducing aches and pains, while you give the heart and lungs a thorough workout. Not bad...

To get in on all these exciting results, the lifter needs to gain proficiency with the skill, the art, of kettlebell fitness. That's not to say everyone who aspires to pick up a kettlebell has to train like a champion. The "competition" for a kettlebell fitness enthusiast is always with him- or herself. But typically, when that initial technique barrier is broken, the sky's the limit.

Please enjoy this video highlight reel of a recent WKC Fitness Trainer's Course I conducted at AKC Fitness LI. All of my instructors and I are hard at work teaching the art of kettlebell fitness. This is what goes on at AKC Fitness LI every day!