Change How You Move - How You Look

In a recent survey conducted at AKC Fitness LI, when members were asked, "Why did you first start an exercise program?" 4 out of 5 included "Improve Appearance" as a top-three response. Initially, novice lifters aren't as concerned with learning new movement patterns or the specific force generation methodology that's associated with kettlebell lifting, but whether they realize it or not, it's what changes their bodies.

Your body is a product of how you move, how you carry yourself through the day, and deal with your daily activities, including any formal exercise. From an early age, you can develop very specific movement patterns and postural tendencies based on dominant activities. For example, most children are forced to sit at a school desk for hours every day. This process can have a dramatic impact on their bodies as a full grown adult. 

Rounded shoulders, distended belly, stores of extra body fat might not be your dream body, but if you're body is the result of too little use, and now moves inefficiently, without grace, poise, balance, and coordination, with very little work capacity, it will be reflected in your appearance.

The other part of the movement problem is the typical American's exercise program. Akin to the western scientific approach to everything, Americans get bogged down in endless isolation.  There's a machine that trains your pecs, your calves, your glutes, and abs. Special machines will even train your "lower abs". Biceps, triceps, adductors, abductors, are all equally represented on the gym floor.

Kettlebell lifting is an holistic activity, involving a FULL BODY effort. The primary mover of almost every lift, the legs, are worked on every rep. The core connects the lower body to the upper body, while the arms, chest, back, and shoulders get thoroughly trained.

Learning to move, and rest, with a kettlebell in your hand, will reshape your body. Hips will open up and your belly will flatten. Shoulders will rotate back, and your chest will expand. All of your abdominal muscles will tighten, and your back will love the extra support. You'll learn how to go from complete rest to full throttle, and back again, and do this a hundred times or more each set, developing off-the-chart work capacity. This is a key process in doing the long extended sets that produce such amazing results.

In order to look like an athlete, you actually have to move with athleticism. Kettlebell fitness training, the type of training we provide all of our members at AKC Fitness LI, will bring out the athlete in you, and the rest will just fall into place.