How to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight - 5 Ways

Eat Breakfast Every Day
Skipping breakfast can signal the body to enter "horde mode", slowing down fuel consumption, leaving you tired and listless. After sleeping all night, the body needs the nutritional component to get back on track metabolically. By postponing your first meal, you remain stalled at the starting gate.

Never Starve Yourself
Caloric deprivation will have the same effect as skipping breakfast. The body and all its chemical processes (metabolism) will slow down when supplies run dry. Much like the app that conserves battery life in your cell phone, when energy supplies reach a critical level, the body instinctively conserves.

Drink Plenty of Water
Every process in the human body requires water, and plenty of it. Putting the body in a state of dehydration is another way of removing the raw materials necessary for optimal function. As an added bonus water comes with zero calories, and it replaces all sugar laden soft drinks. 

Perform Morning Aerobic Exercise
Early morning aerobic exercise has the additional benefit of energizing you all day. The body needs to put back all the energy used up during your bout of exercise, and the process comes with its own caloric price tag.

Build Some Lean Muscle
Progressive resistance training will burn calories, while building and toning muscle. Muscle needs fuel (calories) to function. Kettlebell fitness training provides the perfect combination of exercise, giving the lifter both aerobic and resistance training in one workout, thereby functioning as a top-notch weight loss tool.

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