2011 Long Cycle Championship Results

The 2011 Long Cycle Championship was a huge success, with over 75 athletes from all over North America stepping up on the platform, some for the first time. Well represented teams included the San Francisco's Ice Chamber, Canada's team Make it Happen, Advanced Training Concepts from North Carolina, team Chocolate City from DC, Chris Duffy's team Lockout Kettlebells, as well as Austin's Punch Kettlebell Gym, to name a few. Of course our own Team KBNY rocked the house, putting 8 athletes on the platform.

Notable performances included the Ice Chamber's Surya Voinar-Fowler with 51 reps, working with 24 kilograms, a Master of Sport World Class performance, as well as Jennifer's Hintenberger's bid for MS with 44 reps. Resident StrongSport champion, Andy Fitting, nailed his 60 kilogram rank-set, scoring a crisp 16 reps (actual reps were 16 / 17). And team KBNY Captain, John Sweeney, pounded out a Rank 1-worthy emotional performance with 69 reps. Of course the forever impressive Marty Farrell, already ranked MS in Long Cycle, put up 42 perfect reps in the 32 kilogram bell division. All rank sets are pending WKC approval.
Kettlebell Sport across North America is growing by leaps and bounds, and this was clearly reflected in the enthusiasm and professionalism demonstrated by all the lifters and coaches present. The amount of hard work and endless planning that went into this event was reflected in the smooth transition from flight to flight. It was an honor to host such a large competition, providing a place for so many of our budding kettlebell stars to shine. Thank you athletes, you never missed a beat.

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This is the first of many events at AKC Fitness LI. Plans for a biathlon are already in place for September 2011. The official date and venue will be announced shortly.

Video highlights: CLICK HERE

More videos and photos will be posted soon!