Crunching the Numbers, the Art of Progression

Theresa lifted an impressive 3864 pounds in 20 minutes. Tim pushed out 5936 pounds in one well-done set. Chris tallied 240 crisp reps and hoisted more than 5 tons in one nonstop effort. These are not poundage totals of competition level workouts, but rather the daily training sessions of a few typical members of AKC Fitness LI, performing repeatable routines.

The true magic of kettlebell fitness lies is in the high level technique and well thought out progression that defines every set. Working with specific variables, our kettlebell coaches generate routines that push the envelope from every possible angle on core lifts such as Jerk, Snatch, and Long Cycle. Shifting intensity from exercise to pace, to weight, to duration, to coordination, is a refined skill my staff has mastered, and it's how we keep our members continuously moving forward, while ensuring their safety and adequate recovery. Routine progression, while based on member goals, is always delivered within the confines of a healthy and professional kettlebell fitness system, a system developed over thousands of sessions.

I invite you to come down to AKC Fitness LI and see for yourself what all the talk is about, or to get started on this phenomenal fitness system. We stand by what we do, and welcome visitors, offering a free trial lesson to all who enter. Kettlebell Fitness has arrived, get on board today!

Here's a list of 10 exciting new progressions we're working on for Spring.
  • Sweet 16 Sprint: Move at 16 reps per min for up to 16 min
  • Weight Loss Count Down: Race against the clock
  • Body Shaper: We're famous for our beach-ready routines
  • Performance Boosting: You can't touch a kettlebell without it
  • StrongSport Prep: Wanna get real strong, real fast? 
  • Super Fitness: Five quality sets done in 28 minutes
  • KB Mini-Marathon: 26 minutes, long duration high volume
  • Biathlon Prep Program: Prepare for Kettlebell Sport competition
  • KB Runner: Enhance any running program, legs / wind focused
  • Health / Wellness KB Prep: Pre-kettlebell flexibility and strength