Virtual Laboratory of Kettlebell Fitness

This morning my staff and I generated 22 kettlebell fitness routines for 22 different members over a five hour period. All sessions were designed after a careful exercise history analysis (a good look at the member's folder by a professional kettlebell coach), combined with an informal member consultation (short, but in depth conversation between the member and their coach). No two members performed the same routine, but all had a unique program customized just for them - exercise selection, sequencing, weight lifted, length of the set, pacing, hand switching, rest, all calculated by their coach for the most positive results, but of course always with much member feedback.

Throughout the morning their was a variety of different techniques learned, corrected, explored, or practiced.  Julie perfected how to rest with the bell in the "rack position", and Elizabeth was just being introduced to "swing". Dave completed his first six minute set, and John worked up the biggest sweat of his life in 20 minutes. For some the major emphasis is on getting in a productive session (whatever their goals), while for others it's mastering the art of kettlebell lifting or becoming a competitive lifter. Either way we provide professional analysis and 100 per cent customization for all our members every workout, recording and documenting every step.

Over the last five years I've worked with hundreds of people locally and from around the world, teaching them the ancient methodology that's behind my kettlebell lifting instruction, as I've learned it from my world champion coach, Valery Fedorenko. At AKC Fitness LI we've learned EXACTLY HOW TO DELIVER this methodology in its purest fashion through a series of proven programs researched and developed right here. We work tirelessly every day, generating literally thousands of kettlebell fitness workouts.  It's for this reason we've become the kettlebell fitness industry leader and ultimate resource for all your kettlebell needs, right here on the east coast.  If you're interested in learning about our proven system, please visit our website.