AKC Fitness LI Member Services

Jane walked in for her FREE TRIAL kettlebell lesson, and her first question was,  "When are your classes?"

My ten minute, somewhat long winded explanation didn't seem to help. I finally finished with, "For General Gym Members, your class starts when you arrive." What, no schedule? Jane replied. I went on to explain that we actually have 3 training options.

First, we offer our General Gym Membership with supervised coaching but without a restrictive schedule. Just show up, get handled by a professional coach, and workout. Option two, Personal Coaching, which is one-on-one training, is also available for those who want or require full attention from our coaching staff. Lastly, we offer a Group Fitness Classes, with its traditional class schedule.

Let's break down the training options.

General Gym Membership
Members who choose this option have the run of the gym during all hours of operation. Once past the General Fitness Course (mandated training for all new members), new members can show up and train at their convenience, and still be coached through their workout. Technique review and progression is always handled for you, as well as all tracking and record keeping.

Personal Coaching
Some people prefer or need 100 percent attention from their coach. For those individuals we provide one-on-one training and supervision with one of our top coaches. You'll be shown how to get the most out of your kettlebell lifting, closely working with an experienced professional, who'll guide you through every step.

Kettlebell Group Fitness Class
The group class is just getting underway, and a viable option for those on a budget. Classes are reasonable priced, but all new students are required to take our, one-on-one orientation (one class) before getting started.

For more information on Kettlebell Fitness at AKC Fitness LI, and the various training options, please visit our website at: kbgym.com