Personalized VERSUS Personal Training

At AKC Fitness LI, we provide personalized training to every member, every workout. Part of the this initial process involves putting all new members through a General Kettlebell Fitness Course, consisting of four, one-on-one personal lessons that require an appointment. Here the new member will learn the basics of kettlebell fitness in an intimate setting.

Once past these one-on-one initial lessons, members come in without an appointment, and are always greeted and handled by one of AKC Fitness LI's experienced coaches (Senior Coaches can all boast of at least four years or more experience). Members will have their daily workout structured, and technique refined and adjusted, when and wherever necessary. In this manner an experienced coach can work with several members, delivering the personal touch to each one, without charging excessive personal trainer fees of $80 per hour or more. We offer personal training without the price tag!