FDNY / CPAT Prep Course

Attention FDNY candidates, the time is now. New York City (DCAS) has opened filing for Firefighter Exam No. 2000. The test includes both a written and physical component in the form of the national standard CPAT (Candidate Physical Abilities Test). Testing should begin within six months.

At AKC Fitness LI, our expertise focuses on the physical portion of the exam, and what will make the difference between you becoming a NYC firefighter, or not. The CPAT consists of 8 sequenced events with 20 seconds of travel time from one to the next. Events include the legendary graded step mill while wearing a 75 pound vest. The rest of the test is performed with a 50 pound vest and includes the hose advance and pull, forcible entry, ladder raise, search, equipment carry, 165 pound dummy drag, and ceiling breech and pull. No joke, especially after starting out with 3 minutes and 20 seconds on what I like to call the eliminator, the graded step mill.

Not all events are created equal, with the step mill and dummy drag leading the pack in difficulty level. Events, such as the hose advance and ladder raise, while difficult in their own right, are more about following directions than a test of strength or endurance. Not so with the step mill and dummy drag, which are ALL ABOUT ENDURANCE. Leg endurance, grip endurance, breath endurance. Being able to bench press 300 pounds won't help too much. Endurance training takes time... months not weeks.  We recommend starting today!

Our course specifically prepares the FDNY candidate for this type of testing, with 2 graded step mills on premises, a dummy drag run, as well as other event simulations. We also offer advanced endurance training in the form of my firefighter version of KB-X Fitness. We have 3 CPAT Specialists on staff, including myself, with a combined experience level that is impossible to find, other than at the FDNY Academy itself. When we're done with you, you'll know exactly what you need to do to pass, no questions, mysteries.

As a New York City firefighter myself for over 20 years, I retired as Captain. In 2000, while still on the job, I authored The Firefighter's Workout Book. Since my retirement in 2004, I've focused on preparing young men and women for the rigors of the fire service and entry level testing, including CPAT, fire academy, and medical exams (heart rate test). We are the only gym of its kind in the area and my personal success rate is 100 percent.

Why train at another facility that offers no direction and can simulate none of the CPAT events? For more information on how to register for my FDNY / CPAT Prep Course: CLICK HERE