How to Become a NYC Firefighter

Mike Stefano, author The Firefighter's Workout
For the first time in way too long, the FDNY is going to hire firefighters, as they announce open filing for Firefighter Exam No. 2000. According my my sources, the ranks are getting dangerously low, and they really have no choice.
Unfortunately, many otherwise potential candidates choose to wait until the last minute to start training for this exam.  But preparing early is what separates those that get hired from those that don't. You can not afford to take the chance, you must be ready to test! 

The last written test was pretty off-the-wall and had its share of problems. There's a really good chance that this time around the written will be much more straight forward. That's purely a guess on my part, but after 30 years in this business, an educated guess. You'll need a really high mark on the written exam if that's the case. Stay informed on what the NYC Department of Personnel plans to do, and prepare as much as possible.
Candidate Physical Abilities Test /CPAT
The physical test is a different story, and that's where real training comes in. It looks like the city plans to stick with the CPAT once again. The CPAT is a grueling physical test that features 8 events, starting with a 3-minute 20-second bout on a step mill, while wearing a 75-pound vest. Try it and you'll immediately realize this test is for real, and bench pressing 300 pounds won't help much. 
Without rest and fresh off the step-mill, the candidate moves through an additional seven events.  Events are all job-related and include a hose advance / pull, equipment carry, ladder raise, forcible entry, search, dummy drag, and ceiling breech / pull. The candidate has 10:20 to complete all eight events.

Yes... the candidate needs strength, but endurance and work capacity are what will get him or her to pass, NOT big biceps. I've been working with young men and women for a long time, and have developed very CPAT specific-training. Once passed the CPAT and actually hired, the candidates needs to crank it up another notch. The legendary NYC Fire Academy actually makes CPAT seem kinda easy.

Our first workshop will be held on Saturday, July 29 at 1PM. Learn about the national standard test, and how to prepare for it. The introductory price for this FDNY / CPAT orientation and workshop is $50. You can click through to our website to pre-register now. Save 50 percent over at-door pricing ($75).

At our Firefighter Fitness Facility, we also offer gym membership and personal coaching / training for those who want or need extra assistance preparing for the job of their dreams.  Please visit: for more information.