Too Much Information (TMI)

While the majority of adult Americans seek an answer to the question, "How to I get in shape?", many go about it blindly, without proper instruction, often with little or no real results. It appears that when it comes to getting fit, the average Jane or Joe still has no idea how to bridge the gap between desire and reality. 

Too much information can be as bad as no information. When walking into the gym for the first time, or even when trying to decide on a piece of home fitness equipment or exercise DVD, the typical beginner flounders in a sea of too-many-choices. Unfortunately, confusion kills.

I've spent the last 30 years as a firefighter and fitness instructor simplifying this equation. Trying to get a dozen firefighters, who are more focused on lunch than fitness, to get through a 90-minute workout was usually not an option. In my world, exercise had to be quick, efficient, and effective.

Today, at my gym on Long Island, my staff and I prepare workouts for hundreds of individuals, from all walks of life. Our methodology has evolved, changed, and adapted over the years, and since the publication of The Firefighter's Workout Book (HarperCollins 2000). Now, we also work with lawyers and accountants, as well as firefighters and law enforcement.

While simplicity is important, I still don't believe in the One-Size-Fits-All mentality. Our approach is much more personal, using a wide variety of effective, yet APPROPRIATE modalities. This has evolved into an infinitely personalized system known as KB-X Conditioning, combining cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom, and adjusting it on the spot. This system allows a qualified coach to handle more than just one member, yet providing high level personalized attention to each.

One coach can typically work with a dozen or more members over a five-hour period. All are handled individually, set up, recorded, and instructed. Our KB-X programming incorporates features carefully selected movements from kettlebells and boot camp, to yoga and postural re-education. Every member's approach is unique, appropriate to their needs, as well as fine-tuned at the point of workout.  This is NOT personal training. This is a KB-X coaching, developing programs, providing instruction, ensuring safety and progression.

Here's a Short List of What's Available
  • 10 Kettlebell Platforms (over 100 kettlebells on premises)
  • Barbell and Power Rack Station
  • Full Compliment of Cardio
  • Rings / Suspension Training
  • Gravity Assistance Training
  • Bosu Ball
  • Physio Ball
  • Medicine Ball
  • Body Blade
  • Resistance Bands
  • Body Weight
  • Yoga
  • Plyometrics
  • Battling Ropes
  • Boot Camp
  • Sledge
  • Firefighter
There is also the AKC Fitness LI coaching staff, there to work closely with you, instruct you, keep you progressing every step of the way. Make the investment in yourself. Give us a call today.  (516) 495 XFIT or email

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