Kettlebells Meet the Firefighter's Workout

My staff and I recently came up with a synergistic pairing of kettlebell lifting and fire academy (think boot camp) style training. This particular sequence includes Jerk, Half Snatch, Push Ups, Pull Ups, and a rather innovative move I learned from a very talented trainer I certified during a recent WKC Kettlebell Trainer Certification, called a Roll Up. Thank you Nicole Juliano. So whether you want to loose weight, build strength and endurance, tone and sculpt, or perform at your best, this is a great program, and just a brief example of what we do at AKC Fitness LI - hard core intensity with high level technique and safety, with off the chart results.

Met-Con Sequence
Jerk 4 minutes
Push Up 2 minutes
Half Snatch 4 minutes
Pull Up 2 minutes
Roll Up 2 minutes

NOTE: For Push Ups, Pull Ups and Roll Ups, allow a 2 minute window, with as much rest as needed. For the kettlebell Jerk and Half Snatch, perform one continuous set, preferably with one hand switch.

Please visit my YouTube channel for a peek at more instructional videos. For more information on Kettlebell Fitness, Certification, Firefighter Performance Training, or Metabolic Conditioning, please visit us at AKC Fitness LI.