Back to Basics: The Press / Swing 300

Kettlebell lifting, and its unique ability to effect major body changes in both performance and appearance, can only be realized if the novice lifter can gain proficiency with entry level lifts. The Press and Swing 300 teaches the initial movement patterns necessary for dramatic physical change, without the high level technique demands of Jerk and Snatch.

The new lifter should start with a bell that they can safely handle for AT LEAST ten reps per hand. If ten reps seems excessive, start with a lighter bell. Most men begin with 12kg, most women 8kg. Remember, this is a very individual choice, and if in doubt, go light. Go to: WKC Kettlebell Store.

The Press/Swing 300 starts off with some basics covered in the videos linked below. Watch the videos and get comfortable with the movements before performing the routine. At its highest level (3C), this routine allows the lifter to perform 300 reps in one giant set. Don't rush through the movements, learn to pace yourself, and find active rest in the rack and lockout of the Press. The Swing offers no such opportunity for active rest. Take as much time between sets and rounds as necessary, but as an option, you can time your workouts and ultimately reduce rest time as another method to increase overall intensity. As a suggestion on how to get started, rest one to two full minutes between all movements. 



level one
A: Press 10 reps per hand / Swing 10 reps per hand (total reps: 40)
B: Press 12 reps per hand / Swing 12 reps per hand (total reps: 48)
C: Press 15 reps per hand / Swing 15 reps per hand (total reps: 60)

level two
A: Press 15 reps per hand / Swing 15 reps per hand / 2X (total reps:120)
B: Press 17 reps per hand / Swings 17 reps per hand / 2X (total reps: 136)
C: Press 20 reps per hand / Swings 20 reps per hand / 2X (total reps: 160)

level three
A: Press 20 reps per hand / Swing 20 reps per hand / 3X (total reps: 240)
B: Press 22 reps per hand / Swing 22 reps per hand / 3X (total reps: 264)
C: Press 25 reps per hand / Swing 25 reps per hand / 3X (total reps: 300)

*As an option, you can substitute Push Press for Press in the above progression (included on video) 

Move to the next level bell and start over at level one or level two.

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