Pulling Ceilings

Event number eight of the FDNY physical exam (CPAT), is known as the ceiling breech and pull. It mimics the overhaul stage of actual fire operations. Extensive structural overhaul usually takes place in the latter stages of an operation, and why it's dead last on your CPAT exam. When you finally arrive at this event, you'll be physically and mentally exhausted from making it through the previous seven events, including the 165 pound rescue dummy drag (event number seven).

In the real world, not under test conditions, New York City firefighters refer to the ceiling breech and pull simply as "pulling ceilings", using what the FDNY calls, a "six foot hook". This is a tool every ladder company member (or truckee) is quite familiar with, and as an FDNY candidate who's serious about passing CPAT, you should be too.

The ability to effectively utilize any firefighter hand tool, including the six foot hook, is much dependent upon your ability to "use your legs" -- a command you'll hear throughout your training at our FDNY / CPAT Prep school, and learning to engage your legs correctly will get you through event number eight with flying colors.


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