The Art of Forcible Entry

CPAT Event #5, Forcible Entry
This event challenges the candidate's ability to swing, or generate force with a heavy hand tool, such as a ten pound sledge hammer, or maul. The candidate must strike a mechanized device that measures cumulative force, at an elevation of 39 inches off the ground. This task if frequently required of a firefighter who needs to gain access to any locked occupancy or breech a wall. 

When it comes to forcible entry, accuracy is just as important as force. To reflect this, the testing device rewards the candidate for an on the money hit. So learning to swing with explosive, yet controlled force is a necessary skill. Fortunately, mastering the use of heavy hand tools is a full body technique that can be practiced (CPAT Prep School).

Failure for this event occurs if the candidate loses control of the sledge hammer and it releases from both hands. Also stepping inside the "toe-box" (one warning) will constitute a failure. 

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