Best Job Ever

The New York City Fire Department is one of the most effective work forces on earth, molded over decades, steeped in the tradition of dedication and excellence. Their reputation for being the best in the world is no accident, as every member shares this sense of pride, dedication, and willingness to work hard. What makes all this possible, is the purity of the hiring process.

I was a NYC Firefighter for 22 years, and throughout that time, I did my job to the best of my ability, much like every other member. I studied and trained hard during the hiring process and throughout my career, and was rewarded every step of the way.

Traditionally the FDNY entrance exam has been open competitive. The candidate takes a written and physical test, and those individuals who achieve the best scores  are the ones to be hired first. When it comes to saving life, most would agree, merit matters. If I'm trapped in a burning building in the middle of the night, I want the strongest, smartest, well trained person rushing to save my life. 

The FDNY protects over 8 million people who live like sardines, in decrepit structures sometimes over a century old, during some tough economic times. New York City needs the FDNY, as its members not only rush into burning buildings, but pull people from deadly car wrecks, aid the injured and sick, handle toxic hazardous material incidents and mass evacuations, in the most densely populated urban area in America. The FDNY tradition of excellence saves lives. Keep the hiring process fair! Support Merit Maters, and sign the petition to maintain the standards of the FDNY: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO