CPAT Prep - 11 Questions

Okay... you've filed for the test, now what? While we all anticipate, and should thoroughly prepare for, a tough written exam, the CPAT (FDNY Physical Entrance Exam) is looming.

For those of you new to the fire service, you should know that building the strength and endurance to pass CPAT, the FDNY medical, and the Fire Academy, doesn't happen overnight. It can take months (in some cases years), to build the work capacity required of a NYC firefighter. It makes no sense to wait.

Research suggests that while an initial burst in cardiovascular endurance can be achieved in a few weeks, true endurance can literally take months, if not years to develop. The kind of endurance needed to get through all 8 CPAT events in under ten minutes doesn't happen overnight. 

Are you walking on a graded step mill with your max weight at least once per week?
Are you developing grip endurance, specifically for CPAT events?

Can you swing a heavy hand tool (ten lb. sledge) with power AND accuracy?

This is not a sprint, nor is it a marathon. Are you working specifically to develop the body's energy system designed for 10 minute bursts?   

Legs, legs, legs... Are you developing the pulling power of your lower body?   

Do you know every last detail about CPAT?

Are you comfortable while wearing a 75lb or 50lb weighted vest?  

Are you eating and sleeping right to support your training?   

Are you comfortable performing with heavy work gloves?  

Are you claustrophobic? Can you comfortably crawl through a confined space in the dark?  

Do you have a qualified facility to prepare yourself for all of the above conditions?  ANSWER HERE 

At this point all you can do is stay focused on your goal. Make use of the written tutorial DCAS provides, and MOST IMPORTANTLY get started preparing physically, for CPAT, the FDNY medical exam, and the Fire Academy itself. That's where we come in, with over 40 years of combined experience training young men and women for the fire service. Learn about our classes, and what courses are appropriate for you. CLICK HERE