Kettlebell World Championship Chicago 2011

The World Kettlebell Club hosted a truly stellar event that I'm proud to have been a part of.  Many lifters from around the world converged on the Windy City for a spectacular performance. Events included the traditional Biathlon, LongCycle, as well as StrongSport and the newly introduced, Pentathlon. The event was highlighted by Scott Tighe, Jenn Cord, Misty Shearer, Lori Doyle all achieving Master of Sport ranking. Another major accomplishment was Ivan Denisov's record breaking score of 2756 in the first ever Kettlebell Pentathlon.

For Team KBNY, the hard work paid off as Melissa Brady, Mike Oates, and Sherry Murphy hammered out solid performances. Mike Oates placed first in biathlon in his weight class and 24kg bell division, and Melissa placed second in her weight class and the 20kg division. Sherry was fourth overall in Long Cycle 16kg bell division, but placed first in the Senior Class. A special thanks and congratulations to Team KBNY as well as all competitors, coaches, and judges for the relentless dedication and hard work, especially event organizer Sean Armstead, owner of Chicago's Phenomenal Fitness.

This event also included the first ever Pentathlon, which was quite impressive to watch and judge. We plan to include the Pentathlon in the Annual Spring LongCycle Competition on Long Island. The competition is tentatively set for late April 2012, as we iron out some final details on venue. Go to to stay up to date on the latest competition/registration information, but start training now!

Below are links to the five full sets performed by team KBNY. Enjoy the show.

Melissa Brady  20kg
Jerk / score: 40
Snatch / score: 32

Mike Oates 24kg
Jerk / score: 93
Snatch / score: 56

Sherry Murphy 16kg
Long Cycle / score: 34