Pentathlon Training / Pace Control

The LongCycle Speed Ramp can be used as a tool to develop pace control, the ability to achieve active rest within the set and move at a fast pace while maintaining proper technique. For the Kettlebell Pentathlete, these are all vital aspects of realizing your full potential.

Kettlbell Selection
Use the same kettlebell for all three sets. Be sure you can safely handle all three sets with the bell you choose, and at the suggested pace

Set Progression
Set One: 6 minutes / 3 minutes per hand / 6 to 7 reps per minute
-rest one to three minutes
Set Two: 4 minutes / 2 minutes per hand / 8 to 9 reps per minute
-rest one to three minutes
Set Three: 2 minutes / 1 minute per hand / 10 to 12 reps per minute

At AKC Fitness LI, we've had positive results using the Speed Ramp for both Jerk and LongCycle. It has not yet been tested for Snatch, Half Snatch, Push Press, Press, or Clean, but my experience tells me that the Speed Ramp is most compatible with Jerk and LongCycle, and possibly Half Snatch. We'll keep you posted as we continue testing. If after performing this routine, you've got valuable feedback, question or comment that you'd like to share, please write us at:

Kettlebell Pentathlon
Developed by Valery Fedorenko, the Kettlebell Pentathlon features five, six-minute, multi-hand switch sets, performed with a 5 minute rest between each. The following exercises are listed below, with the corresponding Max Goal Reps Per Minute (rpm).

Clean / 20rpm (120 reps  over six minutes)
LongCycle Press / 10rpm (60 reps  over six minutes)
Jerk / 20rpm (120 reps  over six minutes)
Half Snatch / 18rpm (108 reps  over six minutes)
Push Press / 20rpm (120 reps  over six minutes)

The Kettlebell Pentathlon will be part of the 2012 LongCycle Championship, being held on Long Island, in late April 2012. The exact date and venue will be announced soon. Go to for more information, and to stay up to date on official competition announcements.