5 Ways to Burn More Fat

In this article, we'll take a quick look at how to increase caloric expenditure with five simple tips.

1. Fidget Factor
People who are constantly in motion - stretching and pacing, crossing and uncrossing their legs - burn more calories. This can lead to hundreds of extra calories used up every day. The message here - don't stay in one spot too long. If forced to sit for long periods of time (working at your desk, watching TV), get up and move around whenever you can.

2. Eat Breakfast
Research suggests that 80 percent of successful dieters regularly eat breakfast. If you plan to get thin, eat early in the day.

3. Reduce Stress
Several studies have revealed that when you're stressed, hormones like cortisol can stimulate appetite, slow metabolism, and encourage fat storage around the mid section. To counteract the process, find an activity that calms, such as listening to music or engaging in quiet meditation.  

4. Take Up a Sport
The built in challenges of athletics can make you forget that you're exercising, as the mind is focused on improving performance, overcoming a challenge, or winning. This leads to a greater overall caloric expenditure. [Find out about Kettlebell Pentathlon]

5. Engage in Interval Training
Researchers found that high intensity interval training burns more fat than low to moderate intensity, consistent aerobic exercise. Kettlebell sport, fitness, and performance training, where the a kettlebell is lifted for high reps over time, features a variety of ways to create appropriate and safe, high intensity interval workouts. This will rev your metabolism, burning more fat in less time.

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