New VF Performance Kettlebells

The World Kettlebell Club has finally released its VF Performance Kettlebell series. These state-of-the-art kettlebells have now arrived at AKC Fitness LI.

Of particular importance is the fact that on average women are 15 percent smaller than men, and the VF Performance Kettlebell addresses that issue, making it easier for many of our female members to actively rest during a set due to its overall smaller dimensions.

In addition, the four contours at the top of the bell conform to the flat surface of the lifter's forearm (in the rack and lockout position), making for a more comfortable fit on both male and female VF Performance Kettlebells. In the long run, this should make a huge difference for those lifting heavier kettlebells, or doing high volume workouts.

While some still prefer the feel of the traditional ProGrade Kettlebell, so far the feedback is extremely positive on the VF Performance bell, especially with the ladies. Nicole, Patty, Carolyn, and Donna have all tested the new kettlebell with some high-intensity AKC Fitness LI workouts with the VF Performance Kettlebell, and experienced much less discomfort, as well as reduced fatigue in the arms and shoulders.

What This Means
Less fatigue and more comfort translates into the ability to do more work, allowing the lifter to burn more calories, and get better result, with less chance of an overuse injury (a momentum killer). At AKC Fitness LI, we take every opportunity to bring you the latest in Kettlebell Performance Training, whether for fitness, weight loss, or pure performance. Having this new tool in our arsenal, has made our mission that much easier.

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