AKC Fitness LI Pentathlon 1/14/12

Please enjoy highlights from the 2012 Long Island Kettlebell Pentathlon: 

This was an In-House, By Appointment competition, and a format we've developed to handle a fairly large group at AKC Fitness LI. All lifters were assigned an official start time, with results posted online at day's end. In this manner we were able to accommodate a large field, with no waiting time.


Male Athletes
Name                      Division      Real Score / Minus Handicap*        
Scott Tighe             Open          2028 [WINNER] / 1953          
Chris Duffy              Open          1603.5 / 1478.5
Adam Hazelwood     Open          1482 / 1382 [VIRTUAL]
Chris Lindquist        Open          1352.5 / 1253.5
Tom Gragnaniello     Open          1290 / 1186 
Daviion Williams      Open           1250 / 1150
John Presta            Masters       1160  [WINNER] / 1078 
Brian Chiamonte      Open           1160 / 1059
Don Reed                Open           1119 / 1015
John Baierlein          Open           1119 / 1043
Jason Koronakos     Masters       1038 / 943
William Smith          Open           1017/ 888 
Pete Furci               Open            844 / 763
Female Athletes
Name                       Division      Real Score / Minus Handicap*
Melissa Brady          Open          1001 [WINNER] / 945
Judi Demuro             Open           916 / 850            
Michelle Panella       Open           912 / 839
Sherry Murphy          Masters       798 [WINNER] / 732
Suzanne Kaouris       Masters       718 / 650
Donna White             Masters       675 / 618 

Congratulations to the winners, and all the competitors, who left their sweat on the platform, with a special thanks to all the helpers and judges who make events like this one possible. Please stay tuned for more information on our next competition (LongCycle Championship) in late April (still nailing down the venue), as well as more Competitions by Appointment (such as this comp) with results posted online.  Please follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all events.

*The Pentathlon Handicap System
Real Score minus bodyweight in kilograms / was tested out for this competition, to see what effect it has on overall scoring, and as a way to even the playing field and encourage participation for all sized athletes. After careful observation, a determination will be made if it, or something like it, is included in future competitions. We'd love your feedback on the subject.