Grip Strength - Key to 6 CPAT Events

Passing the FDNY CPAT requires the candidate develop strength, speed, stamina, and mental fortitude, but one thing that's overlooked in many workout programs is grip strength - or to take it one step further, Grip Endurance. Sure you need legs that never quit, endless breath, and a strong back, but without a solid grip, there's no connection to the task at hand. Learn more about CPAT: click here

How To Build Functional Grip Endurance for CPAT 

SLEDGE HAMMER LEVERING (focus wrist strength)

VERTICAL: Standing, hold sledge hammer near the handle base, hammer-head at about eye level. Maintain a firm grip on the handle and your eye on the head of the hammer, as you extend your arm out in front of you.  Maintain your grip as long as you can and note time. Work on extending the length of your hold. Repeat with opposite arm. Be sure you keep your eye on the hammer-head, and be ready to react quickly if you drop the hammer. Hold from 10 seconds to one minute.

HORIZONTAL: Stand, holding hammer with handle parallel to the floor, hammer head behind you (see pic). Keep handle parallel to the floor throughout the exercise. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds.  The further you hold from the hammer head, the heavier. 

FARMERS WALK (focus finger strength)
Hold kettlebells or dumbbells at your sides in suitcase fashion. Set a predetermined distance (IE: 100 feet) and go for a walk while maintaining your grip on the bells. Work on extending the distance / time of each walk, or increase weight of bells.

PLATE PINCH (focus thumb/ finger pinch)
Grab two weight plates in each hand (pinched between thumb and fingers), holding them at your sides.  Start light (two five or ten pound plates in each hand) and hold for as long as you can (note time). Work on extending the length of each hold, or increase weight.  Start at with a goal of 30 seconds, working up to one minute. 

The Kettlebell Swing, when performed properly, delivers an iron grip like nothing else. The Swing will also build crazy strong legs and high level cardiovascular endurance. Take a look at this video for some simple instruction on how to Swing a Kettlebell.

View Kettlebell Swing Video: CLICK HERE