Top Diets of 2011

It's officially Weight Loss Season for many Americans attempting to recover from holiday binging.  To help get you started on a diet program that works for you, here's a recent  Consumer Reports article summary on the best highest ranked diets of 2011. As far as diets and weight loss, which ones really work?

The Consumer Reports researches found that the Jenny Craig Diet was the top plan, surpassing six other popular diets that include both Slim-Fast and Weight Watchers.

All diets plans were judged on how well they stayed within the 2010 U.S. Dietary Guidelines, and with results of published clinical studies examining short-term and long-term weight loss, as well as adherence rates.

A 332-participant study published in Journal of the American Medical Association last October gave Jenny Craig an edge over other weight-loss programs, according to ABC News. Researchers found that over 90 percent of Jenny Craig dieters (all women) stayed committed to the plan for two years and lost about 8 percent of their starting weight.

Just because Jenny Craig came in first place, is it right for you? That depends, it can be pricey at $600 monthly, but it includes 3 pre-packaged meals and a snack each day.  By contrast, the Slim Fast Plan focuses on swapping out meals, using meal replacement shakes and snack bars.  Weight Watchers, the most experienced organization in the mix, assignes points to food, which is used to figure out, and limit, daily caloric intake. Another popular diet program is the Zone Diet, which changes the balance of the food you eat to 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat, and 40 percent carbohydrate.

Next on the list is the Ornish Diet, a vegetarian program that is also extremely high fiber and low fat. The carbohydrate-restrictive Atkins Diet cuts back on carbohydrate intake in an extreme fashion. And last on our list is the Nutri-System Diet, which controls caloric intake with easy-ready meals that  consists of 55 percent carbohydrate, 25 percent protein, and just 20 percent fat.

Before starting any new diet plan, make sure you do the research, and select the program that best suited for your specific needs.

Any diet plans should be backed up by a sensible exercise program to be most effective. At AKC Fitness LI, we specialize in high caloric workouts that can be completed in less time than traditional weight training or cardio. For more information on exercise and lose weight, or on our special January Weight Loss Programming, visit us at, or come in for a free consultation.