300 Reps a Day

This was "300 Rep Week" at AKC  Fitness LI. In the image at right you see a typical 300-plus rep workout, performed by one of our regular members. This program was generated by one of our coaches, with the appropriate progression, exercise and kettlebell selection, as well as pacing and tempo to deliver the results sought after. For every member, every workout, our coaches generate a customized session based on your goals, limitations and strengths.  Variety, new challenges, just the right intensity, and oh yeah... 300 plus reps performed on a routine basis has a way of getting big results. If you're curious about kettlebells or kettlebell cross performance training, or what it can do for you, give us a call, drop us an email, or come in for a free trial.

The workout above resulted in 326 reps, and was completed in under 25 minutes, including warm up. 

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