FDNY Boot Camp

Training to pass the FDNY entrance physical (CPAT) is just the beginning. Think of CPAT as the minimum standard required. To make it as a NYC firefighter, you'll still have to pass the FDNY medical exam, the Fire Academy, and let's not forget, actual fire operations.

Here, our training is old school, designed to get you fit and tough, ready for battle, whether it be with a 2 1/2 inch high pressure hose line, or an FDNY drill instructor screaming in your face. Firefighters have trained this way since before there was CPAT, because it works. Our comprehensive programming consists of a sensible combination of very CPAT specific training, to old school boot camp, to cutting edge kettlebell lifting. No stone is left unturned in the effort to get you fit for duty.

We offer classes Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (day and evening), in addition to a monthly seminar. For more information on how to register for an FDNY Physical Prep Class: CLICK HERE