From the Blue Collar Hour to Ladies Night

Running a gym like AKC Fitness LI has been a true learning experience. Our membership spans the gamut from police officers, firemen, and construction workers - to accountants, lawyers, and business executives - to stay-at-home moms/dads, nurses, and physical therapists. People from just about every walk of life, at all different levels, with very different goals, find their niche kettlebell cross performance training. From the Blue Collar Hour (4PM most weekdays) to Ladies Night (7PM most weeknights), our entire membership works hard and gets results.

If you're a member of AKC Fitness LI, sticking to your workout regimen comes naturally.
Our members come to the gym regularly, performing high intensity, result producing, sometimes off-the-chart workouts. Our injury rate is extremely low because of the personal coaching, attention to detail and high level of technique that's built into your membership. As a coach, keeping members motivated gets easy because the progress keeps coming. Here's a list of some of our current members and what they've recently accomplished.

Melissa, a firefighter and nationally ranked kettlebell athlete, has built off the chart strength and endurance, and easily maintains her strong, lean athletic figure. 

Tom, a busy home improvement contractor, has brought an achy shoulder back from the brink, and lost over 30 pounds, while building off the chart strength, and toning his body.

Theresa, an incredibly strong and conditioned lifter, has off the chart work capacity, and manages to look awesome while tossing around a 16kg (35lb) kettlebell.

John, a union laborer, and ex-wrestler is getting stronger every day in spite of a host of old injuries, and dropped over 10 pounds in the process.

Bob, FDNY candidate, has built hard core strength and endurance preparing for the CPAT exam.

Meredith a business exec, is only lifting for three months and has already lost 14 pounds, while building impressive tone, definition, strength and conditioning. 

Donna, a full time mom and nurse, performed and looked amazing while she competed in her first ever kettlebell competitions in January 2012.

Julien has lost 15 pounds of body fat, built flexibility, strength and power, with feeling the best he's ever felt.

Nicole has seriously reshaped her body, dropped two dress sizes, and has become an athlete in her own right.

Patty works harder than anybody else and it shows, doing 20 minute sets on a regular basis.

Pete, a serious cyclist, has improved his riding times while shrinking his waistline.

Joe, a police officer, has lost 50 pounds, and literally tripled his work capacity.

Tim, veteran law enforcement, pushes the envelope on what a forty-something year old can do.

Carolyn, a working and super busy mom has literally doubled her strength and endurance, reduced body fat, while building muscle tone, typically getting in and out of the gym in about 30 or 40 minutes. 

Sherry, a true competitor and one of the strongest ladies in the gym, is pushing the envelope one what a female master lifter can accomplish.

John, a retired court officer, has lost over 35 pounds while preparing for the Police-Fire games, building off the chart strength, endurance, and flexibility. 

Anthony, once known as Fat Tony, has officially become Skinny Tony.

Dave, veteran law enforcement, already finds performing his job a bit easier, and his pants getting bigger, and only after a few short months.

Tom, firefighter candidate, is now lean and mean, and can now blow through any firefighter physical.

Michelle, an amazingly conditioned athlete in her own right, continues to impress everybody in the gym.

Don, health care worker, is building off the chart strength, losing weight, and developing true flexibility.

Danielle exhibits stellar kettlebell technique, and is a perfect example what good lifting can do, getting consistent results in regular 30 minute or less workouts.

Bill, FDNY and new member is already doing 20-minute sets, and shows true potential as a talented lifter, rapidly getting stronger and more conditioned on a daily basis. 

Sarah, a health care professional and fit mom, has discover a new way to move, shape her body, and burn lots of calories in a very short time span, while building real strength and endurance. 

Jim, a member of the FDNY, stays super fit for duty without the injury potential of many high intensity programs.  

Bob, in his fifties, is able to work through some aches and pains, going through intense workouts after a long days work, staying fit and lean.

Rachael, a strong conditioned lifter, has found a new way to workout in minutes a day, while style getting the results she's used to.

Rob, a New York City firefighter, has built incredible strength and endurance in a very short time, with extreme work capacity.

Mike, a Hackensack firefighter and ranked competitive kettlebell athlete, competes nationally and also uses kettlebell lifting to stay in top shape.