FDNY CPAT Event #6: Search

Search, more of an art than an exercise, is the sixth event of the CPAT. A professional firefighter heavily relies on his ability to conduct a quality search, and all firefighters must know how to crawl around in dark, smoky, conditions. CPAT uses a darkened 3 foot by 4 foot, U-shaped tunnel that the candidate must crawl through while wearing a 50 pound vest.  There is little if any light in the tunnel, so it's a true test of claustrophobia, as well as your ability to move without vision.

At our FDNY / CPAT prep classes we recreate search in different way. We teach our candidates to get comfortable searching, crawling with visibility impaired, while following a myriad of courses. We get the candidate to move quickly through the search event, making up precious time, in the all out effort to complete CPAT in ten minutes and twenty seconds or less.

Take a peek at this video of our search training methodology.

For more information on how you can prepare for all aspects of CPAT, including the grueling graded Step Mill, visit us at: FireFightersWorkout.com or send and email to: michael.stefano@gmail.com