HOW SERIES: How does Cross Performance accelerate weight loss?

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I consider myself a carpenter when it comes to building the human body. Down in the trenches, hands on, not held to any pre-accepted notions. I make decisions based on the changes I see in the people I train.  But people want science, and in this case theory and reality go hand in hand.

The positive change, and the scope of today's article is Kettlebell Cross Performance , and its effects weight loss, and  how to exploit the process for the best results. Let's site some recent studies performed specifically on kettlebell lifting. Both a recent study conducted by the American Council on Exercise and another Danish study came to the same conclusion - kettlebell lifting can burn more calories than running, as much as 20 calories a minute.

In yet another recent study, researches concluded that people that engaging in high level intensity interval type training (inherent in kettlebell lifting), will burn an additional 200 calories during the recovery phase  - that's on top of the calories burned while actually exercising. So there is real science to support the huge caloric demand imposed upon the human body when moving a kettlebell for ten to twenty minutes or more.

If you come to our Small Group Classes you'll burn a ridiculous amount of calories and get skinnier. But... you've got to perform the sets with appropriate level of proficiency and intensity, not just go through the motions. When you combing this with more traditional, but also highly functional movements, the results are pushed even further.

Early on, it's most important that the new lifter develops proficiency in all the core lifts. This is what lets the precisely appropriate intensity kick in without injury- and where the long term results lie. If you perform our workuts the results will come. Be patient, gain proficiency, then build up to the appropriate intensity to get the results you want - it's that simple. Training in small groups helps this process tremendously and why we run  8 small-group classes every day. If you're interested in learning more about our unique process, or want to give it Cross Performance a try, we also offer an INTRO CLASS.