10 Reasons to Become a WKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor at AKC Fitness LI

with Master Trainer Mike Stefano
Since my first meeting with AKC head Coach, and Kettlebell World Champion, Valery Fedorenko, I was blown away by his Kettlebell Integrity - everything for the sake of better, more sound, results-orientated training, not just profit or financial gain. Kettlebells, to Valery Fedorenko, are serious business, his approach sacred. After working side by side with Valery, I too take a very serious approach in my training, always attempting to preserve the integrity and purity of what I've learned, and it's exactly what you get me when you take the WKC Kettelbell Trainer Course at AKC Fitnes LI, a gym devoted to kettlebell lifting for both fitness and performance. Below is my list of the top 10 reason to choose AKC Fitness LI as the place to earn your WKC kettlebell trainer's license.

  1. AKC Fitness LI is a full time kettlebell training facility
  2. Mike Stefano, a published fitness author (The Firefighter's Workout Book, HarperCollins 2000), has a unique understanding of human movement
  3. Pure WKC / Fedorenko Methodology is always at the forefront or our training
  4. In addition to the WKC Elite Fitness Protocol, we've developed our own unique programs and cross performance protocols
  5. We boast a full professional staff of trainers and coaches and we staff our certs with at least 4  trainers / coaches working every trainer course
  6. We offer vast experience training lifters at every level, every day
  7. All of our trainers possess a deep understanding of the sophisticated movements involved
  8. We specialize in management of pain and injuries with technique correction
  9. We demonstrate how to integrate kettlebell lifting into other fitness modalities
  10. We focus on teaching you how to teach 
We're conveniently located on the south shore of Long Island, 30 minutes from JFK airport with plenty of lodging and accommodations nearby. We're also less than 50 minutes from Penn Station in New York City. We've certified people as WKC Kettlebell Trainers from as far as the UK and Indonesia, and continue to provide high level service globally. If you're interested in getting certified as World kettlebell trainer, visit our website to register, or for more information: CLICK HERE