Staying Healthy, Key to Big Results

To get true, long term results in fitness, you must not only work hard, but also stay healthy.  The challenge is to find a workout that's intense enough to get results, but at the same time doesn't break down and destroy your body. At 53 I'm personally fitter and stronger than I've ever been, and that's thanks to my Kettlebell Cross Performance Workouts that emphasize not only high intensity, but extreme attention to detail and technique development.

Many new and trendy approaches that are flooding today's fitness market feature ultra high intensity, a kind of mix of old school, boot camp style training with Olympic weight lifting.  Running, jumping, push ups, pull ups, burpees, combined with complicated Olympic lifts, with emphasis on moving all out, all the time. Great for elite soldiers or high level athletes, but for the masses, is this a sustainable regimen? ...or is there something better?

Kettlebell Sport
I was introduced to Kettlebell Sport Training by Valery Fedorenko in 2006. It dramatically changed the way I approached the development of fitness, strength, and conditioning, with all of my students.  Until Fedorenko introduced his methodology in the US, this tool, approach, progression, whatever label you are comfortable with, had never really been tested or even considered by Americans -- pick up a relatively heavy weight with an almost graceful fluidity (when done correctly) and lift it for time, in a high-rep set.

This process can produce dramatic changes in the human body, BUT proper, high level technique is absolutely necessary to keep yourself safe, forever moving forward. Sometimes it takes patience and a bit of will power to get past those early stages, but it 's worth the prize, a healthy, strong, muscular body that can move with explosive force, grace and fluidity, while staying pain free, reaching for an ever-greater challenge. 

Infinite Progression, Infinite Results
Kettlebell lifters get hungry. Hungry for more reps, more time, more speed, more weight, but always with ever improving technique. Our sets and protocols are endlessly quantifiable, with  built in calibration and progression that regularly allow new Personal Records (PR's), or records you set with yourself. The shifts focus from the negative (gotta get rid of my fat belly) to the positive (the challenge of getting the set done). Lifters are driven and results follow, in every attribute that measures fitness (strength, endurance, fat loss), but the process doesn't end abruptly because of a blown out knee, back, or shoulder. Technique protects.  At AKC Fitness LI, we are all about making this a lifetime endeavor.

What I also love about Kettlebell Cross Performance is the inclusion of a myriad of functional movements (think bosu ball, suspension training, push/pull ups, core focus, battling ropes), not as the centerpiece of the program, but rather the icing on the cake that acts as the final customization. As members goals vary, so do their workouts.

Our unique proven protocols, featuring high repetition kettlebell sets, in an ever changing systematic progressions, blended with goal-driven assistance work, can be repeated, and intensified, almost infinitely. There's no ceiling on progression because of the emphasis on proper technique, which translates into an extremely low rate of injury and interruption in your training, or your results!

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