Kettlebell Clinic / Swing to Snatch

On Saturday, June 30, I held a Kettlebell Snatch Clinic at AKC Fitness LI. This was the first in a series of instructional workshops being offered as a complimentary service to our members only (non-members are welcome to attend at a $50 fee paid at the door).

Future clinics are tentatively scheduled for Saturdays at 10 AM. Contact us at: for more information on upcoming clinics or stay tuned to our blog and website. Topics range from improving kettlebell technique in the core lifts, to progressing in StrongSport, as well as how to control your diet for fat loss, and sculpting your lower body with non-kettlebell movements.

Next workshop will be on Saturday, July 7 at 10 AM. 
Topic: How to Progress in StrongSport

Any interested members are encouraged to attend!

Check out this brief clip from a Kettlebell Swing to Snatch Clinic held at AKC Fitness LI. In this video, some nuances of the Kettlebell Swing and Snatch are brought to light. Enjoy...