Cross Performance Training

In 1999 I wrote a book on fitness (The Firefighter's Workout Book, HarperCollins 2000) that had functional performance as its primary goal. More traditional exercises such as squats and bench presses were combined in functional circuits that helped firefighters and civilians alike, develop functional strength and endurance. The protocols offered were designed to not only improve performance, but health and appearance as well.

In January 2007 I attended the American Kettlebell Club's first coaches certification with Kettlebell legend and world champion, Valery Fedorenko. Coach Fedorenko introduced me to the concept of timed sets, while mastering very sophisticated, yet ballistic movement patterns that incorporated a high level of technique. That evolved into my own High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness Course.

The combination of traditional, yet highly functional exercises, with High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness methodology, is the definition of Cross Performance Training. Everyday, at my gym on Long Island (, we offer brand new and unique Cross Performance Workouts. These workouts are performed by just about every member in the gym on a daily basis, with magnificent results.

After years of testing various protocols, we discovered exactly how to create a lean, super fit,  highly functional body - with very little tension and a low rate of injury, and that's what really separates us from the competition, the integrity, effectiveness, and SAFETY of our programs.

If you're interested in our Cross Performance Workouts, we post a new one almost every day on FaceBook. Please join us in our effort to build an army of super fit, super healthy Americans.

Train Hard, Train Safely,
Mike Stefano