Kettlebell Magic

The simple magic behind every kettlebell, is the way it's used. Over the last few years, I've owned and managed a gym whose main focus is kettlebell lifting. Hundred of lifters have passed through our doors, and ALL with different goals. How can it be that one simple tool can accomplish so many things for so many people?

Nicole wants to trim down, but really doesn't care all that much about being super strong. Bobby needs to prepare to take and pass a rigorous fire department physical, and changing his physical appearance was just a pretty cool side effect. Carolyn wants to tone up, as well as build the strength and endurance to get her through her busy day as a working mom. Seth wants to tighten up his core. John wants to continue to build strength and endurance, breaking any preconceived notions about building real fitness over 50. Sherry wants to be a competitive kettlebell athlete. Patty wants to maintain her health, while she shapes and tones. The list goes on and on...

How can one simple tool deliver on all of the above?

It's the customization of the programming, combined with the dedication and desire of the lifter that produces such a wide variety of positive results. A competent coach knows how to tailor each lifter's workout to deliver the results desired - weight loss, strength, endurance, explosive power, health,  tone, and so much more.

The system we've specifically developed at kb-GYM is based on pure Fedorenko methodology. My coach, Valery Fedorenko, is the kettlebell world champion who introduced the ancient art of kettlebell lifting  and timed sets to the United States. Its efficiency and effectiveness is only exceeded by its safety. This translates into a program that provides tremendous longevity, and not only a better looking and performing body, but a better feeling body, while not having to spend all day at the gym.

So for anyone interested in kettlebell lifting as a tool to deliver their highly personal goals, I urge you to give it a try, but remember, not all kettlebell methodology or kettlebell coaches are created equal. Systems that were developed in the last few years cannot stand up to ancient, perfected methodology. I urge you to seek out a World Kettlebell Club coach or trainer, or come down to kb-GYM, home of AKC Fitness Long Island, and we'll give you a safe and effective system to get the results your deserve.